Why CMG?
Here are just a few reasons why we boast being:
"The Areas Leading Remodeling Contractor!"
  • Experienced and Detail-Oriented Carpenters and Painters
  • Proven Results with Numerous References available to our customers
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Licensed Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Sub-Contractors
  • Fully Equipped Work Trailers
  • Multiple Staging & Scaffolding owned by CMG
  • An Array of Various Tools for several projects owned by CMG
  • Knowledge and Coordination Experience of projects with multiple Trades, Schedules and Budgets
  • General Contracting & Residential & Commercial Project Management Experience
  • Budget Conscious to optimize owners ‘Return-on-Investment’
  • Product Knowledge of New & Existing Materials
  • Relationships and Access to multiple Trades, Retailers & Manufacturer Products and Representatives to optimize efficiencies
  • Knowledge and Experience of Water Damage and Mold Remediation as well as Remediatory Emergency Access
  • Knowledge and Experience with the Insurance Claim Process
  • Real Estate Experience with:
      Land and Building Acquisition
      Permitting and Inspection Process'
      Apartment and Condo Association and Management Approval Process'
      Investment Properties (Personal)
      Investment Property (Clientele) Strategic Planning and Remarketing                 
      Site Development
      Realtor Relationships
  • Drafting and Design Capability with Compliant Dimensional Layout and Architectural Vision
  • 20/20 Kitchen Cabinet Design Capability (Version 9.1)
  • Locally Owned with a true Hands-On approach
  • Multiple Award Winner and Well Respected within the Industry
  • 100% Satisfaction backed by a 1 Year Warranty
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